Define It

by Hazard Hounds

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    The first recording of the Hazard Hounds. recorded at Red Beard Studio's in Austin Texas. Art work by Kristopher Infante.

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released April 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Hazard Hounds Austin, Texas

The Hazard Hounds is an Austin band showcasing musical genres as diverse as its 5 members, citing influences from hip hop, grunge, soul, & alternative

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Track Name: Come On Over
Have I called you lately, so I'm calling you now
Would you like to come over baby, and show me how
Would you be a good girl, after you show me right now
Don't be a good girl baby, when you go down

Cause I just want you come on over and be my slave
So why don't you come on over baby and show me the way

So I was thinking of you, cause you were leaving me blue
Can you hurry on over baby, cause I need something to do
See I have a problem, so I made you my option
You're the pick of the litter baby, just come a little quicker

So when this done
This is my walk of shame
Don't hate the player
Just hate the game
Track Name: Tempted
I could see you over there standing in the corner of the room
I was looking into your eyes i'll come over soon
And have a conversation just like a minute or two
From where i'm standing i'm really liking the view
I'm having patience and patience is a virtue
You're making me nervous and on the surface you're liking me too
Just wish I had the confidence to walk up to you
And let you know how i'm feeling because I know I do

Now I'm hung up on you
You got me in the mood
I'm stealing kisses from you, in the back room
Now what am I going to do
You got me so confused
And now i'm tempted by you, by you

I'm staring at your eyes and your lips
And the way your looking at me girl is more than a kiss
My hands start making my way straight down to your hips
Emotions getting so high now she's bitting her lips
I'm holding on tight but now I'm loosing my grip
She's slipping right through, so what do I do
I push her away to go and find the truth
I'm looking at lies she put them through
Track Name: Truth be Told
I figured out, that you can't live anymore
You're going down, as I lay you to the floor
I wanted to hear your voice, before you went away
But then the truth came out, so you I had to slay

My girl is waiting for the dead man to take me
Across the river where you'll pay the toll for me
The zombie man has taken my mind out control
But no one complicates like you my girl
Truth be told

I figured out, your secrets plead with me
What am I gonna do? as I make you bleed
I ended our problems, so he took a ride
Clean you up, pack your bags and say goodbye

Now you're gone, and i'm on the run
Suddenly I was free, but my problems I know I can't hide
So why are you me, can you tell me baby now
You can't say a word, cause you're no longer around
Track Name: Hype
Verse 1
So I got up, washed my face
Make a change and step out my place
Walking on out, looking good, can't wait to get started I should...
I'm walking through the door gave a nod
To the Dj ahead, straight to the floor as I walk
Straight pass through the door, take it easy for sure
and at first I'm gonna drink me a beer it's on ice
And it may appear that my eyes are glazed
No one can get two steps before my minds in a daze
Now my livers a mess, now I live with no stress
but one day, I will give it up before i'm the best

Now would you, wanna drink
maybe two, or maybe three
So what you doing, we having fun
So what we doing
Let's get hype....
Let's start a fight
Let's get drunk by the end of the night
Let's get hype

I'm having a ball, I wish y'all could
I'm staring at the crowd, wishin y'all would
Just bring your lighters out if you're feelin us
And i'm smoking me a joint just to get enough
I'm on a high, and i'm flying by
Don't worry about my place because it's going by
Now i'm saying what's up to my band
Because we playing the music that y'all just want and demand
Now we running the show, and we ain't afraid of none
I'm waiting for y'all to try to be number one
cause we stepping over toes, but you ain't stepping mine
I'mma make sure that you're gonna know this time


Now let's get hype, by the end of the night
It's 2am and i'm on my flight
I'm flying away, so I remember the day
My memory sucks, but I need to get laid
So help me out, and have a couple drinks
I'm about to fly away, because you know that I'm in sync
Bout to fall on the ground, they need to pick me up
So call my dd, and drive me on up
Back on a mission, cause i'm back at the bar
Having just a couple shots, cause I know how you are
Now we do it as a group, and we do it for ourselves
You know we drunk, and we just drunk as hell.